Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Something is wrong with me

So I need to do a............hmmmmmmmmm, "I don't know exactly what to call it" post. It's like a rant, or a vent, but it's not angry or about anything in all...........I just have so much schtuff rolling about in my head it's crazy. I'm letting it all out. Random musings, I suppose. Yes!

1 I've always felt like to make an article of clothing truly yours, you have to bleed on it. I know how weird that sounds, but it always feels like I can't donate a shirt to some charity or Goodwill or whatever if I accidentally bled on it--that's MY blood, bitches! MINE!
2 Nosferatu is the scariest. Vampire. Ever. No questions asked. Makes You-Know-Sparkly-Who in his killing mode look like a daisy.
3 Emma Watson is just so damn gorgeous.
4 I hate-but-love that feeling when your foot falls asleep and you can touch it without feeling anything because it's completely numb.
5 I swear to god (God? Gods?), my eyes are probably going to have some serious damage--SHIT as well as my brain--from all the freaking time I spend on the computer. Or have spent on it tonight. Jesus--it's a new record! *rolls eyes and slaps self*
6 I have so many more things to be doing right now. Like sleeping.
7 Sloths are really cool, but also the slightest bit creepy--there's this image of one on a road, and its arms are all extended, and those long, long, hairy arms just really freak me out.....not to mention the claws those animals have got, good lord....
8 I really really REALLY want to go to Australia. Like, now.
9 My room is a mess.
10 If we could have French class for the rest of the year in place of Math, my life would be complete (albeit hard, but better than Math *gags*).
11 Lady Gaga is growing on me.
12 I kinda like not putting periods after the numbers on these things.
13 I have way too many books to finish that I've started. It's bugging me. I DO like to read, I DO! (I DO believe in fairies, I DO!)
14 I officially just really dislike sea creatures. Always kind of have, and I think I always will. *shudders*
15 The Room is SUCH a terrible movie. It's friggin' hilarious. :-))))))
16 I am now typing in only the light of my laptop and am having quite an interesting time of it. I should stop now.


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