Saturday, January 17, 2009


GTABW List #5: "Beauty sleep" actually applies to us.

Comparison? Is it there?

Eh? Eh??? Me and Dita, Dita and me--am I going somewhere with this? :-)

Greeeeeeen with Envy

Dita von Teese is, without a doubt, the most gorgeous woman alive on this planet. I am envious of her in every possibly conceivable aspect. Just look.

I mean, really. Who WOULDN'T be google-eyed at her? Even gay guys?? What should I do to look like her?!?!? You think I'd look good in a corset and garter belt (see previous post...)? If you know me, you'll understand that I'm mostly infatuated with her amazingly perfect sense of retro and vintage style. If anybody's on the right track to bringing back the best fashions of the past, it's her.

Femme fatale, non?



GTABW List #4: We get to wear corsets and garter belts just for looks, minus the practical and potentially damaging reasons of the past (i.e. passing out due to air restriction from corset laces).

Monday, January 12, 2009


GTABW List #3: We can cure our friends of their killer back problems and not worry that we might be sitting in a somewhat sexual position. LIKE HELL WE'RE RIDING HER!

I'm a little French slacker copycat (what a freaking mouthful)!!

In a gesture towards a certain French imposter friend of mine in the blogosphere (but aren't we all?), I have one thing to say:


Write and read and daydream your precious time away because I'm right there with ya,

New blog. W00t.

Okay. Screw it. Angélique's and Prince Alix's opinions are all I need. Thanks, guys. Check later--I'll hopefully have a new blog up!!!!

Happy productive blog-making,

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Oh hell, I need input from people. I won't decide until those of you who I believe are making blogs have for sure made them and seen mine and given me input on this, so we all must have patience, young grasshoppas. *Meditation hands* "Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..."

Yar, here be the question: Should I make an entirely new blog for LISTS?!?!?! I'm slightly obsessed with them now, and I feel like pasting them all over this one would screw it up majorly. So should I just make a nice, clean, NEW blog for awesomely awesome lists and such???

Here's to you and your opinions (which I can handle even if they're gaggingly conservative),


GTABW List #2: We got off the Titanic first.

#1 (Doesn't mean the best, just the first one)

Greatest Things About Being a Woman (in future, abbreviated as GTABW) List

#1: Haircuts and new styles can leave us feeling refreshed and just plain awesome.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Greatest feeling

I should begin a list of the ___# Greatest Things About Being a Woman. I'm sure my guy readers would LOVE to hear those. :-)
I brought this up because I got my hair cut today, and it's TOTALLY new and fresh and awesome. I can't go into detail for fear of giving away the lovely surprise come Monday for some of you, but it's exhilarating. At least for girls, I feel like getting a haircut or new style or WHATEVER is one of the best feelings ever. It cannot be explained, I swear.


Those classical guys were NOT respectful

In quartet music, why is it that the viola hardly ever gets cool solo parts?!?!? I mean, sure, I'm completely biased, I'm not gonna lie, but why are the violins and cello cooler than the instrument which is a combination of BOTH OF THEM??? (For those of you who aren't exactly sure what I meant by that statement, the viola is played like a violin, is almost the same size, and uses the same octave, but has the same strings as a cello. It's pretty hardcore.) Mostly the only pieces that contain kick-ass viola sections to play are contemporary ones, such as music by Shostakovich and John Mackey (Strange Humors is viola-central) and the like. THEY saw the beauty of the Outkast Instramint, THEY realized it had been in the shadows of the cozy closet for far too long and needed some light (unlike Daniel Craig :-) ). So I ask you, what was the deal with these classical guys and the viola? What was WRONG with it? I can think of waaaaaaay too many cool things about playing it, that's for sure:
-Nobody knows what it is. Well, sort of.
-It's got the same loverly strings as a cello but is far easier to carry around
-It's big and tough-looking next to a violin, but still appears sweet next to a cello
-It's got a C string (yesssss resonance is a good thing)
-People always need violists, it's just a fact of string life, so it's hard to be out of work with a viola
-It has its own clef that everyone but violists hate, so it's all ours
-It's just plain cool
So why was it the instrument to be sheltered, cast away, forever reduced to scratching out dull harmonies and accompaniments?
Okay, I'm exaggerating (why does that tend to happen when I discuss my instrument?!?!). This past summer at string quartet camp (I know, right? HA) I played Mendelssohn 12, and it was like an equal, beautiful tapestry of sound and color, with all the instruments at some point becoming more prominently colored in the weaving. Last winter I played an AMAZING Shostakovich piece (quartet 11) that felt like, instead of a tapestry, a bunch of threads bunched together; it was so bare, I'd say, so individual and together at the same time (I adore that piece--check it out). But really, we just got a new piece in quartet today, and it's Beethoven, which I like a lot, but our coach chose it because the CELLO gets a cool part, because the VIOLINS got the last cool part in our other piece. So when this year is over, it's my turn. I shall rebel and demand we get a piece I can boast about.
HA--watch, it'll be too hard for me to play. :-)

I am done now. Violas are respected just fine, I know. Really, I know. I'm not pissed. It's okay. Classical music kicks ass, period.
Intense viola activist-ing,

Friday, January 9, 2009

Short Story--8th Grade English Project, in fact

"I hated it when it was drafty. The windows were always open, and I liked it that way, but at night the wind whistling through the eyelet lace curtains and billowing about in the bedrooms could be awfully creepy. I huddled deeper into my burrow of flannel sheet and down blanket, and tried to drift off. Come on, Laura, I said to myself forcefully. Shut your eyes and let everything go, it’s time for sleep now. But nothing I told myself helped, neither the gentlest suggestion nor the harshest warning. My churning mind turned red-hot with an anger I could not suppress. This had happened before, I thought as I squeezed my eyes together, and I couldn’t help it last time either...but I couldn’t think about them, I just couldn’t. I rolled over to face the lone window of my bedroom and, consequently, the chilly wind. The cold distracted me slightly. But at last, after several more agonizing minutes internally arguing with the breeze and myself, I threw off the sheet and blanket, wrapped the silky nightgown tighter around myself, and tiptoed over to the window and slammed it shut."

I'm takin' advice, folks

Angélique suggested--ever so coyly--that I add excerpts from my various novels for all y'all to read. Well, as I pondered this, I realized it would be a good little motivator for keeping my writing flowing and going, seeing as this year has been crazier than hell and I've hardly bee able to work AT ALL on my books, so here's the deal:
I shall try to post a tiny bit from one of my books every other day or so (or if not that often, then maybe weekly) on this blog. And will provide info on occasion, such as setting or time if need be. Yes. Would people be interested? Well, screw if you're interested because I'm doing in anyway. Yay, Angélique! Oh, and if there's not anything from my books it will most likely be poetry. Or a rant, because I seem to have developed a sudden and inexplicable talent for rant-writing this year, and it flourishes some times more than others. Now would be one of them.

Happy reading and SEE VALKYRIE,

Don't you just love a good musical??

After school today Pretzel and I (as well as her parents and--lo and behold!--my parents) went to see Valkyrie. Two words: SO GOOD. My family has found that usually if the reviews say it's bad, the flick is pretty good to fantastic. And this is an example. I am a sucker for historical anything in a movie, and this baby was definitely something fascinating: World War 2 plan to take down Hitler  right before the end of the war. Of course, everyone ends up dying (and that doesn't exactly spoil anything for those clueless readers out there--obviously the plan failed because Hitler was suicidal), which makes for a very tragic ending, but I like movies where I cry--OH WAIT that's all of them--and action. Well-balanced action, that is. 
And this calls for...
OOOOH, rant time: Quantum of Solace was a disgrace to the James Bond world. Hide, Daniel Craig, hide far away, back in your dark closet with your soft towels and binkies and never come out again (thks to W.B.E. for the quote!). Don't get me wrong, I like Daniel Craig, and Casino Royale was really quite good--okay, awesome--but THIS? Really?! Really, James Bond?!?! What happened to the gadgets, the talking, the interesting freaking plots (isn't that a crucial part of having an entertaining storyline or did I get lost at dialog??), the gorgeous cars that do in fact last slightly more than  a half a scene before being annihilated by crashes, explosions and the like?!? HONESTLY. Our semi-formal dance was themed James Bond, and I just kept thinking about how the old ones are the ONLY ones to look to if you're going for classic. Classic anything. What happened to the good old days, where the women wore high-waisted bottoms and bullet bras and the guys donned suits in actions flicks and PANTS ABOVE THEIR ASSES?
But anyway.........ha-ha............Valkyrie was quite enjoyable. I'd see it again. The action was good, the acting was pretty good, and it was a true story. Me likey. Oh, and if you're reading this, C.B. (that is to say, if you've gotten this far), you were so right: the flood of tears started when that guy stood in front of Tom Cruise at the end before he got shot...oh lord. What a way to make the ladies lose it. For me, anyway. I'm the ultimate movie crier--seriously, I cried not only at, but BEFORE the end of White Christmas this year. Sadness.

Gotta go to beddy-bye now--OH HEY, I'M HALFWAY DONE WITH NINTH GRADE!!!!! I'M A FULL-FLEDGED FRESHMAN, Y'ALL!!!!!!!!! W00TANG! Can you believe it's already to this point?!? Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana (thks to Schwiegs for that one).


Winter Show Info. Ha, that rhymes.

I juuuuust finished my math quiz, and it was totally not what I expected. :-) Much easier. *Yesssss* So now I only have gym left for actual core classes today, and that barely counts....and my mom is coming in to talk about her art in Winter Show, and I get to leave gym early to help her bring in some paintings...and then I'm done with half of my ninth grade year!! My life is complete.

The cast and crew have to fill out these forms for Winter Show with questions about us on them, such as our goals, favorite foods, best part of the play, all that jazz. I just finished mine, and you know, it's times like these I feel incredibly sorry for my teachers. In eighth grade history, we'd be assigned a short paragraph on some reading, and my friend SK and I would end up turning in novels. It was sad; our teacher never said a word, but we'd just look at each other and smile guiltfully. Ah, well. Some things never change, eh???
So here are my answers on the form. Oh, I didn't mention the purpose of these thingies: they'll go in the play program, like our miniature biographies. Not every answer, God no, but enough to be funny (potentially) and interesting. Ta-da:

What do you find special/difficult/compelling (you supply the adjective!) about this play? Museum is so deep in a...well, kind of shallow way that we were unsure how to approach it at first.
Other theatre, performance, and/or school activity/experience: (I won't go into detail for this one--let's just say I've been in too many shows for my good!)
Favorite school subject and why: English--I love everything about it, especially creative writing and reading Shakespeare!
Favorite food(s): Indian, authentic Chinese, almost any kind of bread, ICE CREAM, potatoes!
Favorite things to do in spare time: What spare time? :-) Write, expand my vocabulary (sound familiar?), drive myself crazy with endless thought-circles, daydream, ponder life's greatest mysteries, plan my next escapade.
What are your future plans and goals? Publish a book by age 25 (possibly poetry as well), enjoy high school, learn how to sew some of my own clothes, keep strong friendships, continue with theatre, learn more about myself...
What is best about Winter Show? How everyone can be having a terrible day, and we walk into W.S. and it's all good. Always.
What would people be surprised to know about you? I'm very mellow at home, and am incredibly good at mental math. I am also deathly terrified of improv (theatre improv, that is), but have no problems with humorous scripts.

Yes. Heehee. There were more questions I just didn't feel like putting down, so if you come to the show, you might read more about me!! W00t, ladles and germs.

Wishing y'all a boredom-free weekend comme moi (hey, didja know that "boredom" wasn't even a word until the late 1880's?!?! Rather sad, if you ask me),

Thursday, January 8, 2009

School GAAAAAH and....Well, a Hint of Rest

God, I have no life. I've been working my ass off on this thing for almost an hour and a half, and I still have to study for my math quiz (which is turning out to be a bigger deal than I anticipated, but whatever...). I mean, the changes I made are insane--this blog-baby looks pretty authentic now! Holycowbygolly.

End of ze quarter. Means no homework this weekend, that's for sure, but it also presents the more than a little frightening idea of going back to my hardest core classes mashed into ten-odd weeks, not to mention finals--oh God FINALS--I'm practically having a mental breakdown here at the mere wisp of a thought of taking an advanced French final. *Calls for the smelling salts* You know, Nyquil is good for more than just a stuffy nose...

Memories....damn MN winters.....

Here's just a little something I thought I'd begin my "Poetry" tagline with. I wrote, maybe six-odd months ago, but it reminds me of summer and evening, which is one of my favorite combinations. :-)


Some are dark and dreary

Others filled with light and joy


Drifting slowly away



Like vibrant paint splotched onto

A new white canvas

Waking up

At six o’clock

And realizing there is a whole one ahead of you

A whole


To do things

Get things done

Suddenly you’re raring to go and ready to work

Let’s start!

Clouds swirling

Over a


The color of the

Caribbean blue ocean

Halfway over

And you’ve accomplished absolutely positively


It’s too beautiful a day

To spend working

The breeze is far too nice to stay out of

You can’t just stay inside all day

at last

Evening comes

As quiet and serene as a pool of water

Relaxing on the porch

Is mandatory

The crickets lull you nearly to sleep

But you’re thinking about it

The day

You know you did nothing but


It seems it was the perfect way to spend it

And you know it was completely worth it

Some are dark and dreary

Others filled with light and joy


Drifting slowly away


Yay, colors!! I'm still figuring this thing out, and it's pretty sweet...

So right now I'm in Winter Show rehearsal, and I basically have nothing better to do. For those of you who are reading this and have or WILL have accounts, please leave comments on things I should talk about. If you don't know me personally, obviously this message does not apply, but...yes.

I've got one day left of quarter two, and then I'm officially done with half of my ninth grade year. You know, I really never thought I'd get to this point as fast as I have; I remember in fifth grade, being terrified to start the middle school journey, and now I'm THROUGH with it, done with grades five through eight for the rest of my life. Crazy.

Okay, does anyone else think Salad Fingers is the most f***ed up video existing on the internet today??? Because I believe I am scarred for life. I was have tremors, here, people, seriously. A.G., A.K. and I were watching them, and there's a point when you think they might get slightly better, but they don't. They just get freakier and more paranormal, I swear. God, never watch Salad Fingers alone in your house at three a.m.
That's all, folks.

New experience, all y'all!

Hey, everyone! Wow, I can't believe I actually have a blog. No Facebook, Myspace, or AIM, but I've got a blog. An online diary. This is gonna be sweet.

I may go slightly nuts with updates and such at first, so check whenever you want. I promise to try to be amusing, real-life and relatable, creative, and a frequent updater, so don't lose hope if I go a month without writing. I'll be back....

And you be Mozart.