Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

For all the mothers out there, this day is for you. Crappy or wonderful, endlessly flawed or nearly perfect, your parentage has created the people of the world. *Shrugs* Yes, that sounds obvious (like some of those math properties like "a=a" or something), but that means a lot in the great scheme of things. And you know, as weird as it is, I had a dream last night (a seemingly long dream, you know the kind) that I was going to be a mother. And it terrified me. But all the same, the thought of bringing this little person into the world just amazed me, made me wonder, even through all the flat-out proven science, how such a thing could be possible. I don't know if I want to have children. I KNOW I'm only fifteen, that this isn't the time of my life where I have to make that decision, but the thoughts and questions about my future still swirl around in my head. SO the point I'm trying to make here is that if I do become a mother, in ten years or twenty, I hope I'm as good a mommy as mine has been. I love you, Mama.



  1. Hello! Cool blog. Sorry to bug you, if you do not want to be bugged. I am assuming you are not a 60-year-old stalker, and you can just assume the same about me. I just clicked on the "interests" things on my profile and we have a lot of the same interests so your profile came up. I am procrastinating from doing all the work I need to do, so that is why I am commenting on your blog.
    And by the long dreams, do you mean the ones that seem to last for days (or years!) that seem very real (even though you still kind-of know they aren't) that are cool, but also sad because even if they are frightening, you almost want them to be real, because they seem like something that almost actually happened in another life or something?
    Wow. You are probably INCREDIBLY weirded-out. I know that I would be. Some random elderly person posted poems on my blog.
    ...In SWEDISH...
    And you forgot some DREADFULLY significant words in your list of the best underused words:
    Galeanthropy, Quaquaversal, Monologue (since you have soliloquy) incessant, inconsequential, irrelevance, irreverence, insubstantial... I can't think of the other good ones. I can never think of the right things when I need to.
    Anyways, I hope you aren't terrified by random strangers posting on your blog! Thanks!

  2. Eccentric.
    Eccentric means out of the ordinary, and also kind of awesome, and also strange but also brilliant as well.
    Eccentric is definitely one that should be used more often and it is my favorite word.