Monday, May 4, 2009

Hello, World!!!!

HELLO, ALL!!!! I was inspired to blog again after I realized--after I wrote for an hour straight in my diary last night--that my blog had been sadly ignored since the middle of March! Basically Cabaret ruled my life from mid-March until......well, now, and I am WIPED and DEPRESSED. I mean, not in a serious way--it hsn't really hit me that the show is OVER and the seniors of this year will never, ever, EVER be performing on that stage in a musical again. I'm worried when it will I won't be able to stop crying.
Anyway, I miss the blogosphere. And............yea, enough said about that.

I also hope to add more of my writing to this blog, which may or may not interest some of you, but I am itching for some feedback on various things. So if you have a critique, good or bad (but not bitchy), feel free to add it. See, blogs are actually PERFECT for writing--comments are like little spaces for simple critiques, if that made any sense whatsoever. :-)

See y'all around!


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  1. Me, the complete stranger off the internet who may terrify you, agrees.