Monday, March 9, 2009

Semper ubi sub ubi

So as I was decompressing from finals studying just now--oooooh, while I'm on that subject, time for a tangent: does anyone ever have it happen where you're going along with something big like these finals, typically for school, and you feel all depressed and oddly off, but TOUT A COUP ("all of a sudden," for those of you deprived Spanish, traditional Han Chinese, or Portuguese-speakers) this weird little fog-like feeling comes over you and you take a step back and realize you need to CALM DOWN and know that it's all good?!?! Well, that just happened to me with finals, thank the heavenly Parents (no offense meant), so I was blogsurfing. And now I'm back to my original point. Yayness times ten. So as I was blogsurfing just now, I happened across this very entertaining blog to which I give credit for the upcoming random fact. (By the way, I came across this baby trying to find LMH's blog just going by the URL in my mind, so it wasn't exactly random......hope that makes you smile, girl.)

"Placenta" means "cake" in Latin.

I love obscure Latin medical terms. They make you wonder about human linguistics so darn much--I mean, really? CAKE, for crying in the night?? *Demonstrates scale in hand to weigh each side* Birth, dessert, birth, dessert.....Yikes. There's somethin' special for y'all.


p.s. Is it just me, or does this post seem to be revolving around LMH??? I guess you've worn off on me, chickie. :-)

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