Sunday, March 8, 2009


So this week, I've got the first finals of my life.


It's such a big, scary six-letter word. I dislike it immensely. But more than just the WORD, I hate the madness that has begun to precede it. (Them. Whatever the correct mot is. Even the Grammar Nazi doesn't care now.)
I. Am. Going. Totally. Insane.
And while some of you out there may be laughing reading this, know that I mean this in a whole sh*tload of seriousness, in fact, so bear with my sarcastic, P.O.ed, and somewhat freaked-out posts that may be coming this week. Ha--if I even have time to post anything other than this. In Science class.

I was at quartet this past Saturday, and the cellist in my group said she's NEVER had finals. *Jaw on the floor* She's a year ahead of me, and she's NEVER HAD FINALS. I am incredibly jealous. I miss the Middle School setup, to be perfectly honest.......In fact, I miss Middle School in general. I had an experience there that most people don't; my friend group--I hate calling it a clique, but that's what it is--only began having problems this year, not in Middle School. MS was pretty damn good, actually, because we hardly ever had any friend issues. It was awesome. *Sigh* And then we enter Upper School, and it's like we all have even more raging hormones (especially towards each other) than we did in grades 5-8, which I didn't think was possible, but......

So that's all for now. I am hating this quarter. And the funny thing is that if I were to get my wish--which I am, at the end of this week--it comes along with the freaking finals, so either way I'm royally screwed. Aaaaaaaah, LIFE.


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