Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My two big tests are OVER for this week. True, I've still got a French quiz, an outline for my History Paper, and various other loverly homeworks and whatsits, but now my stress level has decreased significantly from what you read a few posts ago. Thank God.
Although I haven't actually finished my Science test......erk.......but I get to study more for it. You know, the funny thing about my Science class is that the teacher is GREAT--he goes through everything you're confused about, explains things wonderfully, and is hilarious on top
of it all (I'll have to do a quote of the day in honor of him. Heh heh...). BUT: his tests are super-hard!!! And he's not even one of those teachers you know right away has another side to him--no, you get his first test and are like, Shit this is hard! But having him there to help makes it all better.

Now I've just got an outline for my paper on midwifery and the church's persecution of them in 1200's England (what a mouthful) to do. Yeeeeees. At least my computer background makes me happy! --->


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