Friday, February 20, 2009

Beautiful Words, Beautiful Heart

This was written by Violet Trefusis to her best friend and lover, Vita Sackville-West. It was one of those things you just happen to stumble across, and I thought it was absolutely gorgeous. Wouldn't you love for someone to write something like this to you??? It saddens me that the days of writing like this in an everyday fashion are out the window and far from home...Ah, well. We can always revisit that era. I know I love to. :-)


October 8, 1910

Violet was sixteen at the time she wrote this letter...

I am in the act of asking myself if I ought to reply to your question? A question furthermore most indiscreet and which merits a sharp reprimand. Reply, don't reply, reply! Oh to the devil with discretion!

Well, you ask me pointblank why I love you....I love you, Vita, because I've fought so hard to win you.... I love you, Vita, because you never gave me back my ring. I love you because you have never yielded in anything;' I love you because you never capitulate. I love you for your wonderful intelligence, for your literary aspirations, for your unconscious (?) coquetry. I love you because you have the air of doubting nothing! I love in you what is also in me: imagination, the gift for languages, taste, intuition and a host of other things.....

I love you, Vita, because I've seen your soul.

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